Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Last week saw the eighth anniversary of the opening of Craft Arena at Barleylands. It sort of crept up on me so I didn't get a chance to organise a formal celebration; perhaps next year!

I thought though, that you might like to see some photographs to show how we have evolved over the years.

It was all hands to the grindstone to get things ready for the opening on 8th May 2007.

Grandaughter Emily helping to clear up using the old sink
So where is all this stuff going to go?
I knew you'd change your mind!
Getting there!
Finally finished!
The counter area; nearly ready to open
Look at all the stock!
A few months later - a few more books!
A bit more stock now
Just before we extended into Studio 55. Note the size of the gallery!
Time to extend and the gallery in Studio 55 takes shape
View from the doorway into Studio 48 after the move into Studio 55
Funny how the books seem to take over! .......
.... and the thread
The Opening Celebration
Our opening exhibition by the Nine Textile Group
The Gallery set up for our first Brother Open Day
The Material Girls first exhibition in The Gallery in 2011
So, that is Craft Arena up to the opening of our Gallery in 2010. I did document our expansion into 49 and 50 in 2013 at the time, so if you would like to see how we managed it, follow the links below: