Thursday, 16 January 2014

Workshop Exhibition

The latest exhibition in Gallery 50 at Craft Arena shows some of the work undertaken on our workshops over the last year. We have concentrated mainly on the Goldwork classes run by Wendy Smith. These workshops began nearly a year ago with most of those attending having done little Goldwork, if any, before. I think you will agree that they have achieved an enormous amount!  

We have included some work in progress so that you can see the processes involved in Goldwork, and also what some of the students are working on at present. Well done to Anne Crowther, Sian Izzett, Pamela Mansfield and Jan Wright letting us persuade them to show their work in the exhibition. 

The exhibition also includes Wuthering Heights by Bee Hepworth. Bee came along to my design classes as she had a project in mind and wanted to add some mixed media into her work. We played around with design ideas and experimented with different techniques which she then incorporated into her work. I think the result is a very evocative interpretation of the book. I can't wait to see what she does next!

We have also included some beautiful work by Wendy Smith, who teaches the Goldwork class, and myself to give an idea of what you can achieve from the workshops. The exhibition continues until 28th February. If you would like to join a class, or would like more information just get in touch. You can see some of our other workshops on the Craft Arena website