Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let it Snow!

Not too much snow in Billericay at the moment; hopefully it won't get much worse. I was hoping to be at Basildon Embroiderers' Guild today, but that has unfortunately been cancelled. Mind you, if we do get a good covering of snow, I can always do some more snow dyeing!

I've just received a range of Brother sewing machine accessories; lots of feet, including some I've never used before, embroidery frames and some natty bobbins with a special clip that stops threads unraveling and attaches them together! Would it be a good idea to go through some of the feet, showing how they work and what they do on this blog? Let me know by leaving a comment, and telling me if there are any particular feet you would like to see featured; for example, what on earth is a binder foot and how does it work?

There are still many bargains available in the Craft Arena sale, now with an additional 25% off wool, kits and beads. Special reductions apply from tomorrow (Sunday 20th January) assuming we are not snowed in - must end next weekend.