Friday, 21 September 2012

New Books

I just thought I'd let you know about two new books that I now have in and two which are coming soon.

My favourite by far is ClangersThis fantastic new book will allow you to knit your own Clanger. Choose from Major, Mother, Granny, Small and Tiny. Also includes instructions on making the friends of the Clangers - the Soup Dragon, Iron Chicken and of course the Froglets. There are insider tips and tricks to create your very own Clanger planet with step-by-step instructions for Tiny's boat and Major's rocket as well as sets and trees. 

Next is Di van Nieker's Roses. This is the paperback version of her popular book. Learn how to make delicate, beautiful and realistic silk roses and organza leaves, and have fun making them for a friend, or for a special project. There is a flower for every occasion: adorning a hat or a knitted bag, embellishing a crocheted scarf or adding beauty to a beaded necklace. 
Techniques include 16 different roses, blooming amongst a latticework of rosebuds, leaves and stems. Learn how to make rose petals and rose hips, sepals, stems and leaves, spent roses and stamens, and gorgeous little birds, a bird’s nest, beautiful butterflies, bows and wisteria. There is something for everyone in these pages and it is amazing how easy, enjoyable and rewarding these techniques are.

Expected next week are two books for traditional embroiderers.

First, The Art of Embroidered Butterflies by Jane E Hall. The embroidery is breathtaking, and in this gorgeous book she combines her love of butterflies with her outstanding talent as a textile artist to produce three-dimensional renditions of exquisitely worked butterflies that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Using the finest of silk threads and needles, Jane lovingly creates her butterflies' wings using the tiniest of stitches worked on to silk. They are then carefully cut away and the edges strengthened with hair-fine wire before being attached to the bodies, carefully crafted from air-drying modelling medium and brushed with whisper-fine threads to resemble hairs. The butterflies are then placed within a setting of silk leaves and flowers, all made with the same painstaking attention to detail and expert skill as the butterflies themselves. 

This book provides a fascinating introduction to butterflies in nature, reflecting Jane's love and admiration for these exquisite creatures, and goes on to describe the materials and methods Jane uses to produce her incredible creations. Twelve projects, each based on a different butterfly including the Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell and the Brimstone, present the finished piece along with the materials Jane used, and the photographs, swatches, drawings and paintings that inspired it. One of the most striking features of this book is the amazing photography of Jane's work, including detailed close-ups, which, together with Jane's poetic and inspiring text, make this a book that anyone who is an artist, 

The latest RSN Essential Stitch Guide is Goldwork.  This much-needed book features all you need to create beautiful stitched work. Helen McCook includes the major stitches, with expert advice on padding, couching, using colour and mixing techniques. While covering the traditions of goldwork, she develops techniques offering innovative design, new ideas and inspiration. The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard and is well respected all over the world. It not only upholds the traditions of English embroidery that go back many hundreds of years, but is constantly taking embroidery forward in new and innovative ways. 

This series of Essential Stitch Guides has been produced in close collaboration with the RSN with the aim of providing a set of definitive works on traditional embroidery techniques. Published so far are books on Silk Shading, Whitework, Stumpwork, Crewelwork and Blackwork, with Canvaswork to come later this year. They are all in my personal library!

If you can't get to the shop to buy any of the books featured, I can get them shipped to you directly from the publisher with no postage charges, just give me a ring on 012678 523780 or email me.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Very Juicy!

Just before I went on holiday to Istanbul (did I tell you I was going to Istanbul?) A very large package arrived with my new Tee Juice stand inside. I haven't had a chance to play with all the new colours yet, but I have plans!  These pens come in a lovely colour palette and in three pen widths; fine, medium and large. They are great for all sorts of marking on fabric, through stencils and masks, or just drawing freehand. 

By the side of the stand you just might be able to see the other new addition to the Jacquard range - click on the picture to enlarge it. These are little pots of 3D Lumiere paint complete with three different size tips for drawing. This is an adhesive and dimensional metallic paint for fabric, paper, wood and many other surfaces. You can also use it as a glue to attach jewels to fabric. Can't wait to have a go of this either. It comes in a range of colours and I currently stock Rich Red, Bright Copper, Blue, Steel, Emerald, Purple, Pearl and Bright Gold.