Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pure Jeanius

This is the second panel for the Pure Jeanius event. This was a lot quicker to construct than the first: I've selected interesting portions of jeans and collaged (is that a word?) them together. The panels will be on display this weekend at the Eastgate Shopping Centre during this special event. Find out more here.

Voting has started for the Crafts Beautiful Awards. Craft Arena has been nominated in the Independent Store South East category. If you feel I deserve it, please vote for me here. You do have to plough through the other categories to find me, but I'm there somewhere!

I appear to have lost most of the pictures from past blogs. Apparently it's something to do with Google +. I'll put them back over time, but if you come across a post with a missing picture you would like to see, do let me know and I'll  put it back for you as soon as I can.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Material Girls: Primary Colour

I'm at the studio today for two reasons: The Material Girls have been putting up their exhibition 'Primary Colour' which opens tomorrow and I've got to finish off a couple of pieces that I'm making for Eastgate Shopping Centre that have to be delivered later this week.

Primary Colour features some of the work that The Material Girls exhibited in Jersey earlier in the year, together with some new work. The exhibition is on until Sunday 2nd October, so do come and take a look.

I have been commissioned to construct four pieces for a denim event ' Pure Jeanius' taking place at the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon next weekend. Two of the pieces are being tackled by Kay Renwick and Sue Langley, and I'm doing the other two. This is the first of mine to be finished. These are the largest pieces I've ever worked on, being 40 by 50 inches, and have been a bit outside my comfort zone, but I'm quite happy with them, considering I only had 8 weeks to put them all together! At least I now know I can work to a tight timescale! Unfortunately, I'm away for the weekend with Kay, so we won't be able to see them in situ. If you happen to be in Basildon at the weekend, do let me know how they look.