Thursday, 2 December 2010

I had a lovely walk through the snow to Basildon Town Centre today to meet up with Liz Grant at the studios of Gateway 97.8, Basildon's local radio station to be interviewed about this and that. We recorded about 20 minutes of my waffle which will be broadcast during the Afternoon Show next Monday. I was asked for a favourite song which will be played during the interview, and decided on an Eric Clapton track 'Behind the Mask'. Difficult to choose one track off the cuff! If you would like to hear my ramblings, and can't listen on Monday, I hope to have a link on my website from Monday afternoon, and I'll post it here.

Liz was kind enough to ask me for lots of information for the radio website, and her blog, so I'll be giving her info on Basildon Stitching Club, Essex Handicraft Association, Eastern Region Textile Forum and Embroiderers' Guild. If I've forgotten anyone, let me know and I'll include it.


Closed today

I've finally given up. I won't be able to get into work today, but will be walking into Basildon later to be interviewed by Gateway FM! If anyone wants to join me for a coffee in Starbucks, let me know!