Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Books and Stuff

You can never have enough books! Janet Edmonds new book, From Print to Stitch has just arrived. This is the review from the publisher:

'Learn how to print designs on to fabric, and then embellish them with stitching. Janet Edmonds teaches you about all the materials and techniques you need to develop your skills in this fascinating area
of textile art.

This highly practical and unique book provides clear, step-by-step instructions for adding amazing designs to fabric by printing and stitching. Using a whole range of printing techniques, including block printing, soft-cut lino printing, mono printing and collagraph printing, the author guides you carefully through the process, from initial idea, through the development of a theme, to designing and making a block and creating pattern on paper. Once you are happy with your design, it is transferred to fabric and finally stitching is added to enhance the design. Both machine and hand stitching are used, and there's a useful and extensive stitch library at the back of the book showing the range of stitches you can use. Janet's unique eye for colour is evident throughout the book, which is richly illustrated with numerous partly completed samples to illustrate the author's methods, finished examples of her work, and three-dimensional objects created using printed and stitched fabrics to extend the reader's imagination even further.'

Says it all! A great book for learning techniques, refreshing your knowledge or getting inspriation from.

Also in are 'Redwork Winter Twitterings' and Jane Greenoff's '100 Cross Stitch Patterns to Mix and Match'.

It's been a busy morning; als
o in today:
  • Polyester felt for distressing: 17.5 x 12 inch pieces in black and white
  • Flizi wool in 5 colourways this can be knitted, then felted
  • Needles for embellisher machines
  • Needles for metallic thread embroidery; I found out from my supplier that Topstitch needles and Metallic needles are exactly the same, but Metallic ones are packaged to be more expensive! Needless to say (no pun intended) I'll just get Topstitch needles from now on!
  • A selection of Madeira FS machine embroidery threads in the newest and most popular colours.
  • Aquatics water soluable paper
Can't wait to get it all on the shelves!

I've also received some pretty new ribbon in matching brown and cream shades which will be great for all sorts of embellishment.


The latest issue of Quilting Arts has just arrived -
talk about a busy day! Contents include:
  • Thread Sketching 101 Lesson 5: Focus on patter
  • Transfer Dyeing Create uniquely patterned fabrics from repurposed men's attire
  • Transforming Discards into Art Surface design and mixed media with shredded paper
  • Resists from the KitchenIngredient 1: Oatmeal
  • Abstract Ditial Imagery An easy approach to creating one-of-a-kind fabrics
  • Making "Boro Bobbles" A fun, fanciful use of your scraps
  • Everything Old is New Again Inspirations for contemporary quilt design in antique imagery
  • Needle-Felted Fabrics from Scratch How to create a felted stash
  • Metal as a Surface Embellishment Part 2: Wire