Thursday, 9 September 2010

Magazine Season

It seems to be all magazines at the moment! The latest issue of Beads and Beyond has arrived, and I've listed some of the contents below:
  • Swirling leaves - Form wirework leaf shapes from copper wire to create this autumnal jewellery set
  • Satellite beads - A simple and effective polymer clay tutorial that shows you how to add spacers and embellishments to your handmade beads
  • Serenity - Use mandrels to create these effective wire links and create a gorgeous jewellery set
  • Ebony necklace - Get your blowtorch out and link silver ovals to form a stunning chain
  • Autumn tumble - Melt copper leaves into your glass designs to create a seasonal inspired bead
  • Love notes - Mix up your metals with this beautiful twotone style silver clay necklace
  • Vintage memories - Silver clay donuts link together to form the centrepiece of this stunning wearable necklace
  • A hole in one - Silver clay donuts link together to form the centrepiece of this stunning wearable necklace
  • Jasper hearts - Combine matt and metallic seed beads to weave tubular peyote stitch and combine with semi-precious focal hearts
  • High tea - Antique looking chain, palest blue beads and exquisite pearls combine to create this chic jewellery set
  • Flowers of distinction - Wirework pretty flower shapes for bicone beads and attach to a chain for a delicate necklace, earring and bracelet set.
I've been getting Beads & Beyond for a while now; it has a wide variety of beadwork and includes art metal and glass making projects as well as conventional jewellery making. I have some back issues available - just ask.

I've also heard that there will be a new Cloth Paper Scissors publication in soon. Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts will include 33 holiday inspired mixed-media projects, gifts, accessories and gagets and much more. I'll let you know when it comes in.

I'm off to do more C&G work today; my vessel is finally starting to come together. I'll take pictures this time, I promise!