Saturday, 17 July 2010

Exhibition Extended

I've had such positive comments and feedback on the exhibition by Nine. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited.There has also been press interest, there was an article in last Wednesday's Evening Echo, and I'm hoping that there will be more in the press next week. Because of this, I've asked Nine if we can extend the exhibition for another week and they have agreed. So if you haven't had a chance to come and see it yet, you have the opportunity until Sunday 25th July.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Debbie Bliss

Some of the Debbie Bliss wool arrived this evening, and I've already got it on the shelves! So far, I have received Baby Cashmerino in eleven colours, Rialto 4 ply in four colours and Rialto DK in two colours. The Baby Cashmerino is 55% merino wool, 33% microfibre, 12% cashmere and is between a 4ply and double knitting weight; while the 4 ply and double knit are 100% extra fine merino wool. All are gorgeously soft. I also have a good selection of pattern books to go with the wool with some wonderful designs.

There is more to come including Glen which is an alpaca, merino and acrylic mix and more wonderful colours for autumn.