Friday, 30 April 2010

Time Out

I'm off to Istanbul for a few days, and Eileen will be manning the studio. I've been busy today getting a newsletter together, and those of you on my email list should have received it by now; I left Outlook sending them this evening and will check all is well in the morning. One problem I have is the number of emails that bounce back for one reason or another. Often it is just a typing error, but sometimes I haven't been able to decipher someone's writing, or it could be because the email account no longer exists. I won't be able to check the bounces until I get back, so if you haven't received one yet, don't despair! I'll try and get a copy on the website before I leave so you can read it there.

Postal newsletters will be going out in the course of the next few days.

See you when I get back.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cloth Paper Scisssors

The new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors has just arrived. Time for a coffee and a read through! I'm typing this as I'm flicking through the pages.

The theme for this issue is texture, with an article on the differnt types of pastes, paints and media that can be used. There are other articles on printmaking, paper collage - including one on using text as a collage element which is very interesting, and a great articld on using fabric scraps and vintage photos to make treasure booklets.

Coffee finished. All in all, an interesting issue, with several things to add to my 'to be tried' pile!