Saturday, 9 January 2010

Dyeing update

The snow (in the studio) has nearly melted, and it looks like the fabric has taken the dye. Whether it will still be there once I've rinsed it we'll have to wait and see. As snow is now falling quite heavily and I think I should go home, I'll now leave it all overnight and see what happens.


Snow business like Snow Dyeing!

Not exactly a good pun, but my brain is focused on other things! I've begun my snow dyeing experiment using the recipe from Quilting Arts, with one or two adjustments.

First I mixed soda crystals in hot water and soaked pre-washed cotton, muslin, scrim and silk noil for about 10 mins, then it was scrunched up and placed in the tray. Procion MX dyes were mixed in hot water, added to the snow and mixed up by hand. I was a bit concerned that the hot water would melt the snow too much, but it didn't make much difference. The snow was then piled onto the fabric and I'm now waiting for it to melt. More later.


Friday, 8 January 2010

There's no Dyeing like Snow Dyeing!

Sharne has mentioned Snow Dyeing on her blog, and it reminded me that there was an article about this in a recent issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. It is in Issue 41, on page 62.


Back in Harness

After a day spent mooching about the house doing nothing but playing computer games, I'm back at work today. The problem is of course, that all my textile stuff is here, and if I stayed home again today I'd feel obligated to do housework!

I'm hoping that Sharne will be able to make it over to start planning our workshops, but will totally understand if we have to rearrange.

Enjoy your day, whether you have struggled in to work, or wrapped up in the warm.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

All Snowed Out!

I'm not going to the studio today. Snow is falling outside and I've decided to stay at home in the warm, particularly as I still have a bit of a cold. My apologies if you do decide to brave the cold and ice.

Hopefully things will be a little more normal tomorrow, but I will keep you posted here.

Keep warm!