Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Things get worse before they get better!

While I was away in Budapest, things seemed to move quite rapidly. Ray and my granddaughter Emily were in charge, and got an awful lot done.

This is Studio 50, which used to be the gallery and is now home to our Brother sewing machines and Babylock Embellisher. We needed to get this room ready for our Machine Embroidery Skills session on Sunday 2nd July and they both did a great job!

This is Studio 51 from what will be my working area. Ray and Emily managed to get some of my shelving and workshop supplies in place:

Studio 48 is the one I am giving up, so everything needs to be removed. 

I'm not used to seeing this space quite so tidy! Things however, don't stay quite so neat.There is an awful lot of stuff to accommodate into the new space, and it has to go somewhere until it is sorted. The problem with my being away for a week was that I couldn't go through everything before it was moved, and there is now a mammoth job ahead of me!

We worked all day and late into the evening on Monday to start moving the stock and the rest of my stuff into 51 as work will start on putting the door back between 48 and 49 today, then the decoration and prepration of our new Gallery space will take place. All I have to do for that is choose the paint and finalise the new name for the gallery.

Work has started on the gallery.

It will all be done before our opening weekend (either that or hidden away to be sorted at a later date!)

More soon.


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