Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Getting on...

The work on our new studio is beginning to come together. All the internal walls have now been removed and the holes filled. Chris and Dean have been working very hard over the last few days and everything should be completed very soon.

This is the view of what will be the workshop area, looking down to where the sinks will be.

This shows the retail area from where the counter and till will be, looking towards where my workstation will be.

A similar view, but from the door.

From my workstation to the door, this will be where most of my stock will be. The door (covered in black plastic at the moment) is the way through to the Sewing Machine room in Studio 50 and on through to the new gallery.

Ray and I did a bit of shopping in Ikea on Monday, but we will probably need a couple more trips to get everything (including a new parcel shelf for the car, but that's another story!). On a project like this, nothing is set in stone, and the plans are continually evolving. I was going to have a coffee station in the sewing machine studio, but that seems to be growing into a second kitchen! I've ordered the new carpet tiles to replace the grotty red carpet and they should be arriving later this week - another job for Ray!

Our opening celebrations will be on Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th July - we are currently arranging the programme, so look out for more news soon.


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