Tuesday, 30 May 2017

And so it begins....

Things are finally starting to happen! The door between Studio 50 and 51 will be made later this week, which means that we are starting to pack things up ready to move and also to protect things from the dust which, from past experience, I know will get everywhere.

Don't forget that we are staying open througout the process, so do drop by to see how we are getting on. 

It does mean that Gallery 50 is now out of commission, as we are using that for temporary storage. It will all go into Studio 48 soon though, so that the door can be done, but not before our last workshop on Thursday which is being run by Alex Waylett. After that it will be all go. I've been busy ordering fixtures and fittings for the new areas in the last few days - it's scary how the costs mount up so quickly, but all within budget so far!

Next on the shopping list are more kitchen cabinets and a trip to Ikea for display units! I also have to choose new floor tiles.


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