Thursday, 18 February 2016

Some time later ......

My, it has been a while! Hopefully you have been keeping up to date with what has been happening at Craft Arena on our Facebook page and in our newsletter

As well as working on pieces for our Minerva exhibition in September and the joint show Lisa and I have planned for next year, I've just decided on the title of my own exhibition in May. It will be called Recycle and Renew. I decided last year that I would pull items out of my stash that had been started and not finished. Some of these were half-finished samples from workshops and demonstrations, and some were from products I had in the shop which I'd played with and then put away for future use. My latest finished piece, which you can see a snip below, is called Cascade. 

It is made from recycled pieces of machine embroidered fabric which I have cut into strips, woven, painted and cut into squares, then stitched to painted Evolon with added beads and cord (which you can't see in this snip). The exhibition is in May, so I'd better get a move on and do some more - I have three pieces finished at present! 
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