Friday, 13 March 2015

New Goodies!

I've had a lot of new stock in over the last few days, so I thought I'd give a run-down here, as I can go into more details than in the newsletter (I'll be sending a newsletter next week if you've been waiting to read the next issue).

First up we have a new thread by Aurifil. They have been known for a long time for their cotton threads, but they have expanded their range and I now have their new 22% nylon 78% polyester sparkly new Brillo thread. Don't be fooled, it's nothing to do with pan scourers: Brillo means brightness, shine and sparkle in Spanish! I've tried these threads in one of our Brother embroidery machines using a standard needle and got very little shredding; with a metallic needle, they would be even better. The colour palette is great too. I couldn't decide which of the range to get, so I got them all. There are 200 metres on each reel and they are £3.50 each.

Did you know Aurifil make hand embroidery threads too?  

Aurifloss is a 6 stranded long-staple cotton which can be used for hand embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, applique etc. The full range is 270 colours, but I have got a selection of ten in for now. The colours I have are available as a set for £32.50 and as individual reels at £3.50. The Linen and Lace selection contains a variety of textured threads; linen, cotton floss, cotton 12 weight and wool. It is available as a set only at £32.50. 

Linen & Lace
I've also got in a selection of Cotton 28 weight threads which can be used in the machine; applique, machine embroidery, machine quilting or hand work; cross stitch, hand applique, hand piecing, quilting or lace. You can see more applications on the Aurifil website. These are in 750 metre spools at £8.00 each.

I have more single patterns including some from Debbie Bliss - both knitting and crochet:

I also have new ribbon, buttons, organza pieces for bonding and burning, plus lots more to come! Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the latest news, and look out for next weeks newsletter for information about new workshops coming soon to Craft Arena.


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