Thursday, 27 June 2013

Getting On

I had hoped to update progress on the new studios every day, but my days have been a bit busy this last week!

Ray has taken this week off as annual leave, and started by ripping up the carpet in 49. You can see it wrapped in plastic, together with some of the new carpet tiles in boxes. He also removed the sink and made me a computer station. Still a lot of dust around, but getting better.

Once the carpet was laid, we started moving the stock back into 49, ably assisted by my daughter Jennifer. Some things went together straight away...

and others didn't! I had everything planned out as to where I wanted things to go, but most of the time it either didn't fit or didn't look right.  
This is the Mixed Media area mark 1:

Mixed Media Attempt One
I got it right eventually though. 

Mixed Media Attempt Two
This is the Embroidery corner, complete with the chair that Ray insists should be here for the men 'Because I know what it's like!'

Embroidery Corner
 I've placed the wool, sewing threads and haberdashery together here:

Wool and Haberdashery
With the books just in front of the habby together with a cabinet which will feature workshops and special stock.

And this is the workshop area; very much a work in progress, although it has to at least have a working area by Sunday morning for a workshop!

As for the gallery; just a bit to finish here by Sunday evening when we are hanging the next exhibition by Basildon Embroiderers' Guild! Watch this space!!