Monday, 1 July 2013

Almost There

That's two out of three finished!

After completing the shop in Studio 49 on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday saw Ray and I (well, mostly Ray!) painting and stripping the lights and hanging racks from the old gallery. Then on Sunday evening Wendy Smith, her mum Pamela and myself hung the Basildon Embroiderers' Guild exhibition which opens on Tuesday, whilst Ray finished laying the carpet. Entitled 'Gardens' it contains beautiful embroideries in all sorts of techniques - I was gobsmacked at all of the work they have put in over the last few months! I've decided to call the new space Gallery 50 and if you or a group to which you belong would like to find out more about exhibiting here, do get in touch.

Basildon Embroiderers' Guild 'Gardens' 
Basildon Embroiders' Guild 'Gardens'
We managed to clear a space in Studio 48 for my first workshop on Sunday morning, but still have a bit of work to do to get it looking right. Then we have to finish clearing out the old gallery in studio 55, but at least I feel we are almost there and can begin to feel really pleased with everything. The whole project has gone surprisingly smoothly with only minor hiccups along the way, and although I'm sure Ray has felt that I was continually nagging him to get things done, I really appreciate all the help he has given me and couldn't even have thought about taking it on without his support which has been magnificent; he's worn himself to a frazzle this week, bless him! My daughter and her husband helped as well, so thanks to them too.

Basildon Embroiderers' Guild 'Gardens' runs from Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 28th July and is well worth a visit.
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