Monday, 27 August 2012

Scrim, Screens & Scrappy Bits

Had a great day on Saturday at our workshop with Lynda Monk. As well as using scrim and Thermofax screens, we got down and dirty with puff paint, heat guns, irons, paint, dye and ink! 
Some of Lynda's samples and finished work
Space was at a bit of a premium as I had wanted as many people as possible to get to see Lynda's techniques. As usual on one of her workshops, she was very generous with her knowledge and supplies - we all got a huge goody bag containing everything we needed plus more to try out at home. 
Lynda showing Wendy how
I didn't take many pictures as I got carried away with my samples, but these should give an indication of the fun we had!
Noela, Sue and Liz engrossed 
I didn't paint my samples, as wanted to keep them for future projects, but there was plenty of turquoise procion dye in evidence.

Pauline, Jackie and Patricia busy with their samples
Lynda will be back at Craft Arena for a book signing when her new book is published, and she will be holding an exhibition of her work in our Gallery next year, so look out for details of that.
The aftermath
As always, Lynda's workshop has inspired me to try her techniques and apply them to my work. Can't wait to get some colour on the samples I created and try out more! Thanks Lynda.

My samples
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