Thursday, 1 March 2012

Books and more books

Craft Arena bookshelf 2007
Craft Arena bookshelf 2012
If you've been into the studio, you know I'm a sucker for books. I started out with half a shelf in 2007 and now have two shelves of a huge unit plus a book spinner which you can just see at the end of the row in the second picture. 

This week has seen a large order arrive with books I ordered at the trade show in February. There have been some lovely titles, including more of Sarah Lawrence's book Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer Shine; the first batch I received sold out within a few days. My favourite of the new batch is a book by India Flint called Second Skin: choosing and caring for textiles and clothing. It contains beautiful photographs and presents information and inspiration on selecting, acquiring, wearing, caring for, making and repurposing textiles and clothing. Usually something I aspire to rather than achieve, but this book will help me on the way. It is stunning!  

Catching up a bit, a fortnight ago saw Diane, Sarah and Elspeth in the studio for my Mixed Media Book cover workshop.  We used Pelmet Vilene, painted Bondaweb, organza, transfer foil, cord, buttons and stitch to construct a cover for a sketchbook. I was most impressed with the results!

I've received my certificate for being awarded runner-up in the Retailer of the Year - East Anglia Region category of the Origin Craft Awards 2012. This is now displayed proudly in my window. Thank you again to all those who voted for Craft Arena.

I'm hoping to get a newsletter out this week with more news, so look out for that winging it's way to your inbox.


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