Thursday, 28 April 2011

Deane's School Workshop

Had a great bunch of young people in the studio today for a workshop from The Deanes School, Thundersley. We made a little book using mixed media techniques; bonding, Tyvek, painted Bondaweb, transfer foil and stitch. You can see some of them hard at work below.

There were actually 8 pupils and 2 members of staff, but some had left when I remembered to get the camera out to capture the result of all their work!

I was a bit anxious, as it was the first time I'd taught such a large group here, and I was worried that we wouldn't have enough room, but I now know I can cope with a class of 12!

We also played about with Puff Paint and the new Gleam Gilding Wax, and I gave them demonstrations on bead making with felt and Tyvek and more techniques using Angelina. I also ran them through some of my design books. I do hope they come back and show me some of their finished projects!


Thursday News

Just to let you know that I'm using The Gallery space for a workshop today, so it won't be possible to view the work that is usually on show. The shop will be open as usual.

I'm holding a workshop for ten GCSE students plus two teachers. We are making a mixed media book and I'll post pictures later if I get a chance to take any!

I've just been catching up on some TV crafting shows with two lovely ladies, Sarah Lawerence and Liz Welch. We stock many of the products featured in these shows; Friendly Plastic, Karantha moulds, Karantha stamps and Dimentional Paste to name just a few. Do come and see the samples I've done with some of these great products which will give you and idea of how they can be used.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors

Time for a new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors! This issue features artist profiles, bird houses, portrait painting, 3d flowers, creating your own lettering, life-size mixed media art, glass flowers and collage to name a few!

I always enjoy browsing through this magazine, there is always lots to think about and plenty of inspiration.