Thursday, 31 March 2011

Trying to catch up!

I've been working on a couple of samples for my City & Guilds today, and finally managed to finish them this evening. The first is a cushion using manipulated fabric techniques, mainly chenille, with added buttons.

This is my Casalguidi Embroidery sample, which I was just going to bung in my sample folder, then remembered I had this little box frame.

I've also been having a go with the spindle whorls I bought at the NEC at the weekend. I'm quite pleased with the results, although it's not good enought to show here! I quite fancy spinning threads to use in textile work, and I must admit, I've always fancied owning a spinning wheel. Maybe something for my Christmas list?


Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I don't do much crochet nowadays, but when I got the Debbie Bliss Angel wool in, I just had to try it out. The pattern, from Crochet In No Time, called for three different colours, but I decided to use just one colour, and it only took 1½ balls. I should really have used a slightly smaller hook, but it seems to have worked out OK. This wool is soooo soft!

Now back to sorting out wedding dresses!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

More moulds!

I love it when stock comes in half an hour after a customer has been in and asked for it. Sorry Sharne!

So, here are the rest of the Craftynotions Silicone moulds and Karantha moulding mats: Butterflies, hearts, flowers, faces, swirls, dots and squiggles!
Also shown are the new Galaxy Flash flakes which are heat resistant and can be added as an inclusion into all sorts of media. Lovely colour!

I think that's about all the stock in now that I ordered at the trade fair in February, but I've another to go to in May, and I'm always on the lookout for something new, so hopefully more stuff soon!

A rather nice Blackwork book arrived today. Strangely enough, it is called 'Blackwork' and is from the Made in France series. It contains 50 projects which can be used for decoration or to enhance household items. Really pretty!

In the meantime I've got to finish preparing for my daughter's wedding in 17 days time (17 days? ARRGGHHH!) and then get stuck into the last of my City & Guilds projects.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend Away

Just got back from my weekend away with Ray to Birmingham, where I managed to persuade him to accompany me to the Sewing for Pleasure/Fashion Embroidery & Stitch/Hobbycrafts show at the NEC. He said he enjoyed himself!

There were lots of wonderful displays from many wonderful textile groups, including smallChat where I met up with Christina Brazier who was displaying some of her work as part of this group. I also saw Lynda Monk, although I was disappointed that there were no spaces left on her workshop I managed to get a place on one by Wendy Cotterill where we played with Evalon. I'll try and scan this in when I get a chance.

The highlight of the show though, was an exhibition of work by Ollivier Henry.

Monsieur Henry is and embroiderer, teacher and costume designer, making all by hand these wonderful dresses, inspired by history. I've shown a close-up of some of the work - it is exquisite! I asked how long it took him to make one, but he said he had no idea! He just starts and carries on until he has finished. I know what he means, I'm much the same, I just wish my work was as inspiring!

I also chatted with some of my suppliers, including Sarah Lawrence of Craftynotions, and I was one of the first five people to her stand that morning, so I won a bag of goodies after telling her the password of the day.

I managed to spend some money; I've bought a couple of spinning whorls and fibres so I can learn to spin - I've always fancied having a go at this. If I get on OK, I may have to add a spinning wheel to my Christmas list!

This is a great show, so if you get the chance to attend next year, jump at it!