Monday, 28 November 2011


I've been doing a bit of preparatory work today for the projects I'm currently involved in. I've got to do three pieces for my Minerva Group and at least one for college; then there is a piece for ERTF! I think I know what I'm doing for ERTF - we have to do a button in black, white and red - some of the pieces I've done in monochrome for college will come in handy there. We did printing with oil paint and a pasta machine last week!

I've wanted to do something with this picture of a swallowtail butterfly from David Attenborough's Life on Earth ever since I saw the programme and got the book in ..... (looks at the fly leaf) GOODNESS! 1979!!! I think it's about time! My initial reaction is for machine embroidery, but I think that organza might get involved somewhere!

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