Friday, 24 June 2011

I've found a supplier of Transfer Paints, and they arrived today. Just a few basic colours to begin with (apart from the Gold, which should be interesting) but I'll get more if you like them. I've had a bit of a go, and they are easy to use; they are ready mixed, so none of that getting powder everywhere! They can be used with water to make them lighter, and I do have the the extender and thickener to make them even more versatile. Perfect for using with spunbonds like Lutradur and Evolon, they are available online, or in the shop.

I've also got some new trimmings in: you can see here the tiny ric rac that has joined the other sizes, together with a little bobble braid that I couldn't resist!

Last today, I've had some more of that gorgeous woolfelt in, including the Christmas colour range. These are packs of 15 six inch squares in lovely colours, and so soft!

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