Sunday, 1 May 2011

Newsletter and a celebration

I've just emailed my latest newsletter. I'm getting a few bounced emails back, so if you don't receive yours, do get in touch - I may have written your email address down incorrectly, or you may have forgotten to let me know it has changed. You can find a copy on the website - there is a link to the newsletter on the home page.

Thursday is the 4th anniversary of the opening of Craft Arena at Barleylands. I can't believe it's four years - time seems to have passed so quickly! It's the old mantra that time flies when you are enjoying yourself I suppose.

To mark the occasion, we are giving double Loyalty Card stamps plus a free gift (while stocks last) for any purchase over £5.

I'm back to college on Thursday - I've not done much to catch up with my City & Guilds work, what with weddings and workshops, but I'm hoping to get a lot done in the next few weeks. It's a case of having to!

See you soon,

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