Monday, 30 May 2011

I've been busy this afternoon packing napkins! I received a delivery with some lovely designs last week, and decided that no one would really want packs of 20 of the same design, so I've split them up into packs. The 'Africa' pack, above, contains five different designs, and 'Birds and Butterflies' has four designs.
These napkins can be combined with many types of mixed media, for book covers, decoupage, decorating picure frames, containers and used to enhance fabric. If these designs prove popular, I'll get more, so let me know what you think. Both sets are now for sale on the Craft Arena website.

More Dress It Up Buttons have arrived too. I've always stocked these, but in very limited amounts. The picture shows just a small selection of the colours and styles now available and there are more on the way!
I'm still working hard on my City and Guilds. I have a Brother 1500 embroidery machine in the studio at the moment, and thought I'd take advantage of this and have made a tassel using one of the lace patterns on Romeo dissolveable film and some threads from an Oliver Twists Happy Bag. What do you think? The machine is a lot easier to use that I expected, and I'll be quite sad when it has to go back!

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