Thursday, 7 April 2011

Away for a bit

I won't have time to post for the next week or so. This weekend I'm off to the Eastern Region Textile Forum AGM in Cambridge, where I'm looking forward to a bit of textile networking, learning, meeting new and old friends, as well as taking the shop. I always enjoy ERTF events as they are always thought provoking as well as informative and educational. The following Friday is my daughter's wedding so I'm having a few days off next week!

Today I finished the panel for the front of Jennifer's dress and I'll post a picture after the wedding. I'm a bit pleased with it, despite a few false starts. I can concentrate on getting myself ready now. I finished altering my hat today, and all I have to complete now is my corsage. I'm not sure if my original plan for that will work, but I have tomorrow to work that out!

I'll be back and posting soon, but I'm afraid I will be boring you with wedding pictures.

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