Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Trials and Tribulations

I've spent most of today on the phone:

a) trying to sort out customs payment from a parcel from the States. The Parcelforce website isn't working, so I had to phone an automated system which chucked me out halfway through pressing numbers into the phone. I was finally put through to an operator who told me I had to phone back in 40 mins once it had registered onto her system! Finally managed to get it paid though, and the good news is that my Ten Seconds Studios order should arrive tomorrow!

b) trying to sort out a bill I paid in October, which has disappeared into a black hole. Their bank phoned to find out where I sent it, so hopefully it will be sorted out now and I no longer have to worry about being taken to court!

c) arranging for another order to be delivered tomorrow on a pallet - I didn't realise a thread order would be so large! Mind you, they do come with a display stand!

So hopefully now I can get on with all things on my To Do List. No ticks so far :(

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