Saturday, 24 July 2010

Stitch & Knit Club

My new Stitch & Knit club starts on Wednesday 11th August at 2pm. I've been mentioning it in the studio over the last few weeks and I've had a lot of positive response, so I've decided to go ahead and start it. You don't have to come every week, but you will need to let me know if you are coming as there are a limited number of places available (limited to the number of chairs I have!), and I do need to make sure that I have enough biscuits for everyone!

I'd like this to be a social get-together so that everyone can share their skills. I hope to see you on the 11th - do let me know if you would like to come.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Sharne came over this morning to badger me into doing some City and Guilds work! We've been working on a vessel and wanted to experiment with a product called Ice Resin which I got at the trade show I went to in January. I painted three weights of Lutradur and some Abaca tissue with silk paint, then carefully measured the two parts of the Ice Resin and mixed well. The mixture was then sponged over the Lutradur and Abaca and has to be left to dry for at least 6 hours! Sharne had made some organza flowers, and we covered those too.I've had a peek before I left the studio, and they seemed to be setting successfully. The plan is to stitch into the resulting sheets by machine and possibly by hand. The little flower in the bottom photo is Abaca tissue, printed with an image and then machine stitched. I tried stitching with metallic thread, but it split the paper. Valdani thread worked better!

More C&G tomorrow, as Sue is coming to play for the day! This time I will be working on my metre piece.