Sunday, 5 December 2010

Knitting v Crochet!

Whilst I was at home sheltering from the snow, I decided to knit myself a hat. Didn't get very far before I confused myself totally - it's ages since I tried cable, and kept losing stitches in one particular row! Back to the safe option therefore, and I crochet this cloche hat in a few hours. I've scanned it in, so the flower looks a bit squashed, and I may need to do a couple more rows as it doesn't quite cover my ears, but it's the first garment I've made in years! I used Debbie Bliss Glen wool and a pattern from the Crochet in No Time book by Melody Griffiths, both of which I have in the shop.

I went to the theatre with some Dunnett friends yesterday to see Romeo and Juliet at The Roundhouse. I was late getting there due to engineering work on the railway and missed most of lunch, but the soup I had was excellent and the play was good too.

Back at work as normal today, although I may shut at 4pm to get home before the melted snow freezes!

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