Friday, 5 November 2010

It's nearly gone!

My cold that is. Still a bit snuffly, but my head seems to be clearing. I do break down into a coughing fit on occasions, but they seem to be getting fewer.

I did some pulled thread work with a customer on Wednesday, then on Thursday at college did more! I forgot how relaxing this is! We are attempting a Casalguidi sampler. I'd never heard of this before. Here is a link to Stitch with the Embroiders Guild showing a piece. Mine won't look anything like that though! I've just done the background at the moment. I've just taken a picture of it with the camera on my phone, but it's not talking to my computer any more, so I can't show you. So much for 24 month contracts - I still have a year to go until I can get another!

I have just one place left on the Crewel workshop with Pat O'Connor on Wednesday 10th November. If you would like to join us, give me a ring on 01268 523780.

Don't forget that Sharne Gregory will be In The Studio on Saturday 20th November, demonstrating her vessel. You can see some of her samples for the day on her blog. I'm really looking forward to that, although I will have to leave at lunchtime as I have a talk to do at Basildon Embroiderer's Guild. I know I said that was last month, but I got the date wrong. Another CRAFT moment!

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