Saturday, 16 October 2010

Out and About

I visited Cambridge Quilters on Wednesday evening to give a talk and demonstration on Metal Embossing. It seemed to go down quite well, and several people said they'd soon be visiting Barleylands as they have nowhere to buy goodies in Cambridge! If any of you read this, thank you all for your warm welcome.

Today I'm doing another talk; this time a little closer to home at Basildon Embroiderers' Guild. I was originally asked to talk about City & Guilds to try and encourage members to give it a go, but as most of the funding has now been cut and courses are very thin on the ground, they have asked me to talk about my City & Guilds journey. It's the first time I've given a talk just about me, without having a demonstration to hide behind, so I'm a bit nervous! Hope they don't get bored!!

If you, or a group to which you belong, would like me to come along and give a talk and/or demonstration, just let me know.

This evening is my daughter's engagement party, but I won't be able to get too sozzled at I'm off to Rye in the morning to meet up with some Dunnett friends.

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