Thursday, 11 March 2010

Vilene Stuff and more

Today my order from Vilene finally arrived - at least most of it; still waiting on a couple of items.

Pelmet Vilene is back in stock, although they sent me 30cm wide instead of my usual 90cm! Pelmet Vilene Plus is new in - this is the one that has sticky on one side - together with 130 weight Lutradur. Still waiting on 70 weight Lutradur and Lutradur Crash, which is a crinkley version that I couldn't resist; not sure what I'll do with it when it does get here - experimentation will be required.

I've also taken delivery of my new silk ribbons. There are some lovely colours in 7mm and 4mm widths, and I forgot to tell you that I have some scrummy new Oliver Twists experimental packs and threads in, including a pack I've put together for a drawn thread project in the upcoming issue of Stitch with the Embroiderers' Guild.Denise
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