Saturday, 23 January 2010

To CHA or not to CHA?

I got into a bit of a muddle this morning. We walked up to the convention centre only to find that CHA doesn't start until tomorrow! We could have gone round the public craft show that is on currently, but couldn't see the point of dragging Ray round that too, so we decided to do Downtown Disney, which is the Disney Shopping Mall.

Loads of shops, including a huge World of Disney of course, lots of restaurants and glimpses of Disneyland over the fences.

My watch stopped the other day, so I used the excuse to buy myself a Mickey Mouse watch. I could have gone with one with a lot of bling, but decided to go for a traditional approach - black leather strap and Mickey Mouse pointing to the time.

There is also a big Build a Bear workshop. Two floors of bear goodies! I may or may not have decided to buy a few things; I won't say in case Emily reads this.

Then back to the hotel for a rest and a bit more C&G work before sorting out what to do for dinner. I could get used to this!

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