Tuesday, 14 July 2009


My internet has been intermittent at best for the last week. Hubby has checked it out this evening, and thinks the Router is broken. We now have to log another fault and wait!

I went to the Embroiderer's Guild Eastern Regional Meeting on Saturday and had a great day! The speakers were Phillipa Turnbull, and Maggie Grey. Phillipa talked about the research she has done on Crewel Embroidery. She said that many stitches have been lost; she has found out about some of them, but there are others that no one seems to know how to construct. Maggie gave a very entertaining talk about constructing fabric, based on her new book Stitches, Straps and Layers. It gave me a lot of inspiration, and I wanted to get back to the studio straight away and play.

There were lots of traders there, including Art Van Go and Craftynotions, and I was pleased to find a trader who is willing to wholesale Goldwork supplies to me. Hopefully I'll be getting some in shortly.

David Lawrence let me have a sample of Craftynotions new Rusting Powder which I experimented with today. It was very easy to use; I stamped onto a piece of calico using the new Craftynotions rubber stamps and matt acrylic medium, then sprinkled the powder over it. I shook the excess off and spritzed over with white vinegar. The rust effect only took a short while to develop, and looked great. I've already played with stitching over it, although felt it did need to be sealed to keep definition, so I painted over it with more acrylic medium and it is currently drying in the studio. I'll post pictures tomorrow if the internet allows. I'll definitely be getting some in!

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