Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Stock

I've finished moving things around and tidying up to try and make room for new stock. It is now arriving and I'm still not sure I'll have room for it all!

I spent Monday in Newark at a traders training day with Sarah Lawrence and the Craftynotions team. Had a great time playing with paper, creative sprays, stamping and making a mess. I'll take some pictures of my samples and put them on the blog shortly.

I've bought Sarah's new stamps back down with me. They are deeply embossed so can be used with Angelina and silk paper, as well as paints, inks, sprays and other media. I've also got some great stencils which can be used with paper and fabric.
I learnt some great techniques that I can transfer to textiles.

As well as Sarah's stamps, I've also received more wooden stamping blocks in some lovely designs. They also great for using with angelina and printing on paper and fabric.

Following the sucess of the Silk Paper Workshop, I now have the following in stock:
  • Gummy Throwsers Waste
  • Cocoon Strippings
  • Cocoons
These are undyed so you can add your own colour - particularly good for using with Creative Colour Sprays (incidentally, I have two new colours in the sprays; Lippy Luscious and Kingfisherlicious - gloriously rich red and blue colours!)

Two new books came in this morning - Printmaking + Mixed Media and Freestyle Machine Embroidery. They are full of great ideas and techniques. The bad news is that they have both gone into my personal library so I only have one of each left! I'll order more, I promise.

Also in are 27 colours of Acrylic felt, great for burning and distressing. Where on earth can I put a 20" high stack of felt?
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