Wednesday, 22 April 2009


The late night opening last Friday went very well, and I'm considering opening late on a more regular basis. If you think this would be useful to you, let me know.

I'm also considering starting a stitching club during the day. This will be more a social club than a class, but I'll be around to help if necessary, and I'm sure members will be a source of inspiration and help to each other. I'm currently asking for anyone who might be interested to let me know, and I'll be in contact if there is enough interest. I have a sheet in the studio for you to complete if you are interested, or you can email me at if you prefer.

New and Returning Stock

I've got a fresh supply of transfer foil in stock, this time from a different supplier. The new packs are single colours. but larger sheets, so are more versatile.

I will shortly have for sale iDye from Jaquard - they are in stock, but I have to sort out the display. These sachets are for dyeing larger quantities of fabric in the washing machine and come in several shades, both for synthetics and natural fibres.

Also in stock or coming in the next few days:
  • Goldwork Scissors
  • Shirring elastic
  • White Puff Paint
  • Restock of Colour Sprays, particularly the metallic colours which sell out very quickly!
I have also ordered a new cash register, so customers will soon be able to have a till receipt!

Have a go of my new survey to help me decide whether to get Procion or Acid Dye next.

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