Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Stock

It's been a day of unpacking boxes! Orders from three suppliers arrived this morning, so I've been opening packages, checking stock and pricing up ready to go on the shelves!

Most of it is done now, although there are bits of paper all over the floor - I'm going to have to vaccuum again!

I've had a re-supply of Hemingworth threads, so if there were colours you wanted which had sold out, most of them are back, sthe rest to follow in a couple of days. Sharne, the colours you asked for are here too!

New in is the full range of Jacquard Lumiere Metallic and Pearlescent Fabric Paints. As I was putting them in the rack, I just wanted to open the pots and start painting. The colours are wonderful, you can see the colour chart at the Jacquard website. This website is a great resource, with plenty of ideas for using all Jacquard products.

Other Jacquard products I stock are Pearl Ex Powders and stamp pads; Dye Na Flow Fabric Paint; JetFX transfer paper; Extravorganza, Silk and Cotton Ink Jet Fabric; T-Juice Fabric markers and Pinata Alchohol Inks.

See you soon,

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