Friday, 12 December 2008

News from the Studio

It's been so busy gearing up to Christmas, I can't believe it's nearly a month since my last post!

The CHIQ jewellery kits are now in and selling well. My daughter made one up as a sample; it took her about an hour and she was as proud as punch as she'd not made any jewellery before! CHIQ also have a selection of beads which would be great for including in textile work, as well as for designing your own jewellery.

The Artgirlz charms came and went! I got them in for a Wild Women workshop we were doing at college, and sold them all! I'll get more in soon.
Talking of Wild Women, Sarah Lawrence's new book 'Art Girls' is now in stock. It has some great ideas for making and decorating dolls for display. A snip at just £4.99. I can get the doll silk blanks as featured on the cover if enough people are interested.

I also have in stock Sarah's other book 'Silk Paper for Textile Artists'.

New Workshop Programme

I've begun structuring my new workshop programme for 2009. I will be including a 'Wild Women' workshop (you can see my first attempt here), which will use needlefelting techniques to create a unique piece of art which you can wear as a brooch.The programme will also include drawn thread work, felting, silk paper making and a new metal embossing workshop which will incorporate stitching metal to fabric. For more information about these and other workshops, please contact me at

I've a newsletter prepared and ready to go out, so if you are on my mailing list, look out for it winging it's way to you shortly.

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