Friday, 14 November 2008

Oh for more time!

I'm trying to prepare for the Barleylands Craft Village Charity Event, which is being held next Thursday 20th November (more details below), but I'm not getting very far. My trouble is I'm easily sidetracked, and I keep finding better (or at least more urgent) things to do! Today I planned to make some diary covers for sale on the evening and on the run up to Christmas, but a customer came in and wanted something that I knew I'd seen somewhere recently. Could I find it? Of course not - although it turned up half an hour after she'd gone! Whilst I was looking for it, I decided that I really couldn't put off tidying the worktop any longer, so I now have piles of stuff everywhere looking for a better place to live. Add to that the other jobs I really needed to get done today, like preparing for my trip to Basildon Embroiderers' Guild Saturday afternoon (that's tomorrow! PANIC!!!), and restocking; plus 101 other things I really should get down to. It will all get done in the end.

Coming Soon

I've just ordered a collection of jewellery kits and beads. These are new to this country from Sweden. You can see more here, although you will need to be able to read Swedish to understand it, the pictures show you what to expect. The beads are ideal for adding to textile work as well as for making jewellery. I'm hoping they will be here by Thursday.

Charity Evening

This is on Thursday 20th November from 4pm until 9pm and is being held to raise money for the Essex Radio Essex Kid's appeal, as well as for Essex Breast Cancer Charities. Father Christmas will arrive around 5.30, although Mrs Christmas and the Grinch will be preparing for his arrival before that. We have School Choirs from around the district singing throughout the evening, and other entertainment will include charity auctions, a tombola, farmers market, a Merry go Round and Barrell Organ, a lucky dip for the children and much more. A Cockney Sing Along lead by the Perlie Kings and Queens will end the evening. Studio's will be open throughout the evening for you to get ahead with your Christmas Shopping - if like me you haven't started yet - and the cast of Cinderella will be around to brighten things up.

Oh, and one other thing; snow is highly likely!

Off to finish tidying!

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