Friday, 24 October 2008

Time for a change

Ray and I (mostly Ray) spent Monday reorganising the studio. I had managed to get some slatwall display system that matched the colour of my shelving, so Ray volunteered (no arm-twisting involved, promise) to put it up for me. I now have room to display my collection of Anchor stranded threads, and although I haven't yet got all the colours it does make the room look more colourful. I can also make the most of the extra space to show of some of the stock which had been lurking in corners! One drawback is that I no longer have a gallery space, but I'm working on that and hopefully that will be remedied soon.

Had a good workout session last night with Pamela, Linda, Brenda and Sally. We worked on some of the pieces we'd constructed at previous sessions. I experimented with a technique from Kim Thittichai's book 'Hot Textiles', using some Tyvek I'd previously coloured with red acrylic paint. I bonded some gold metallic-type organza fabric I'd had hanging around for ages to the Tyvek, then machine stitched over it. I then zapped it with both a heat gun and an iron. It created a lovely textured fabric with strands of fibre left over the holes. I then bonded a piece of turquoise cotton to the back. Next time I'll try bonding all three layers together before I stitch as I think it will give it even more texture. Next time we are going to experiment with different types of dissolvable film using machine and hand stitch.

More soon.

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