Saturday, 2 August 2008

Misty Fuse

I've just received a supply of Misty Fuse and it is now on sale at the studio and the Craft Arena online shop.

For those who have not come across it before, it is a paperless fusible webbing that can be used on
all weights of fabric from velvets and cottons to delicate nets and organzas. Because it is so fine, it can be used with very good effect for multi-layering, and can also be used for adding gold foil to projects.

I experimented very quickly with it yesterday: I ironed gold transfer foil onto black polycotton using the Misty Fuse and was very pleased with the results. I'll scan it in when I get a chance and put the picture on the blog.

It would be good to hear from anyone who has used it and to find out what you have used it for. If anyone would like to send me pictures, I'll post them here.

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