Wednesday, 20 February 2008

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I'm recovering from my trip to the Trade Fair in Birmingham, and am now sorting through all the leaflets into piles; those I really must have, those I would like soon, and those I would like at sometime in the future. Unfortunately the 'really must have' pile is the largest and so that has to be sorted into priority!

I have ordered the new Search Press '20 to Make' series of books. These are A5 sized project based technique books, including titles on stitched jewellery, beading and trading cards. They are priced at just £4.99 each and I'm hoping they will prove popular.

One of the 'must haves' are Jaquard fabric dyes and paints. I did stock these for a while, but I have now sourced a new supplier which will make ordering a lot easier. I'll let you know when they are in stock.

I have also sourced a new polyester machine thread which I am considering stocking. The outlay is quite large, so may not be able to get them quite yet, but the response from those people who I have shown a sample to is very positive. They have a unique system for ensuring that the thread doesn't unravel, and comes in wonderful colours, including metallics.

Other things on my most wanted list are: buttons, beads, hand embroidery threads, and a new spray-on fabric and paper colour from Craftynotions, which I have been trying out for the last few months.

I have also ordered a supply of Friendly Plastic. This is great for creating charms, jewellery, inclusions for fabric art and all sorts of other items. This projuct has been around for a while, and I must confess I have had some sitting in a box doing nothing - one of those things I was always going to get around to trying. I saw a demonstration by Liz Welch at the show, and was impressed again! I will be holding some workshops once I've had some time to play.

Another exciting product is a new fabric from Vilene. I'm going to order this in as soon as I can, and will be experimenting with those at my evening workout as soon as possible. More information when I have it, but just to tempt you, it is more flexible and than Lutradur and looks to be a lot more versitile.


I aim to write this later in the week, so it should be popping through your inbox soon.


I have arranged the programme until the end of May, and the website will be updated shortly.

More soon....

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